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When residents of Simaltara got drinking and irrigation water

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Simaltara is a village of 56 households comprising of nearly 300 families located at Ghorahi Sub-Metropolis-1 in the northern sloppy plains on B.P. road in Dang district.

Few years ago the residents of Simaltara were deprived of good drinking water and irrigation water for their agricultural fields. To fetch some drinking water, the villagers had to walk 1 to 2 hours to look for spring water sources.

These 56 households and 300 families of Simaltara village are now happy to get drinking and irrigation water in their village after Rural Women Development Center (RWDC) constructed a multipurpose water reservoir for them in the village by using the water of Sarayu River at its original source known as Malajhankri cave.

The villagers now can easily fetch the water from 10 water tape outlets built for them. Initially the villagers had used only 9 water tape outlets to get the drinking and irrigation water, but now the numbers of consumers have increased which is why 10 water tapes are used according to Basudev Oli, the chairman of Drinking water consumers committee.  


Oli recalls his pathetic past memoirs and expresses his thankfulness towards RWDC for providing them with the facility of drinking water. So, RWDC has wonderfully worked as a change maker for the Simaltara villagers.

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