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Chairperson Message

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The society was rife with so many social evils and discriminatory practices when this organization was established. Those who were guided by patriarchal and traditional mind set used to think that it was a mockery if any woman thought of leading the society towards positive transformation by establishing an organization around 26 years ago.

Despite that situation, we sisters today have been able to assemble together and have succeeded in bringing some changes through development works.

The sisters in those days had heard about copies and pens, but had not personally felt what they actually were, because of the persisting wrong concept that women should not read and investing in the education of women was useless for parents.

That’s why we had embarked upon the campaign for women’s literacy awareness. There is a wise saying, “If a mother is educated, the house itself becomes educated. Mother is a real teacher.” But the situation in our country is just the opposite.

The past society was inflicted with the very feeling that the women should remain confined to the four walls of the house and limit themselves to the domestic chores. Women moving outside the house are not decent. And this ill notion still persists in the society today. To break such ill notion of the society, with whatsoever efforts we could render with the support of various donor agencies, we initiated literacy campaigns in the rural areas. As an outcome, the women sisters have realized about social and literary awareness.

While carrying out our literacy and awareness campaign for women empowerment for social transformation, we realized that a human being passes through mental slavery unless until he or she becomes financially free and independent.Therefore, considering that the way forward is evolving a financial revolution under the leadership of women, we knocked the doors of Nepal Rastra Bank in 2059 BS for the license for financial intermediary as per the act of 2055 B.S.

With our continuous efforts of one year and seven months, finally we obtained the license to operate financial intermediary in 2060 BS. Since then we embarked upon social transformation by means of the economic empowerment of women through women’s leadership in monetary transactions in providing micro loans to them to start income generating activities on group collateral basis.

While presenting this progress report thousands of women have become self-reliant. Some of our beneficiary members have even become members of federal parliament too.

We did not have resources at the beginning. We had to mobilize the local resources. One wise man has said, “Thousand miles begins with a single step. And we are preparing ourselves for a long journey. While entering into the social services, we realize that we must burn ourselves like a candle to give light to others.”

I also thank all our board members for their valuable suggestions to push forward the progress of this organization. I expect they will continue to support us in the future too.

I also thank all our supporters and donor agencies along with all sincere and dedicated staff for making our efforts successful.

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