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USAID’s partners’-Two -two Five meeting held

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Dang, Ghorahi: June 16, 2022: Nepal’s USAID-funded project partners in Dang have held a joint meeting of ‘two two five’ meeting in Dang Ghorahi -15 in the meeting hall of Rural Women Development Center -RWDC on June 16.2022 from 11 am to 2 pm.

The convener of the meeting Ms. Sudha Mishra headed the regular meeting of USAID-funded project partners in Dang. The meeting is being held on a rotation basis. The meeting was held after a lapse of nearly four months due to the last local elections.

The joint meeting extensively discussed the ways to converge a few of the USAID targetted activities or joint ventures at the policy level or sharing level to showcase the joint venture in reaching out for a collective outcome of the various differently projected and targetted USAID funded projects in Dang district.

Each partner /implementing respective USAID-funded projects narrated their activities and common points to replicate and explored the way out to approach the local governments and beneficiaries jointly provided the project objectives are similar in the future.

The meeting has also decided to identify/locate a new two two five convenor in the next meeting and also built a consensus to go to Tulispur Sub Metropolis together to represent all project partners and introduce being different project partners working for the same government unit funded by USAID in  Dang district.

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