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USAID Team Holds Brief Meeting with 225 Group’s IPs

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Ghorahi-15, October 22, 2021: A USAID central team of 225 groups comprising Ramesh Adhikari, Santosh Gyawali, and Tej Maya Gurung held a brief meeting with USAID funded project partners (IPs) in the Dang district at the conference hall of Rural Women Development Center -RWDC in Ghorahi-15 on October 22, 2021.

A total of 25 participants including project coordinators from various USAID-funded projects such as KISAN-II, Suaahara, STF-Nepal, CIMMYT, BASE Dang, TAYAR Nepal, PMRD Dang were present on the occasion.

The meeting was facilitated by Sudha Mishra of KISHAN -II project, while Ramesh Adhikari and Santosh Gyawali including Tej Maya Gurung representing the USAID team had discussed the challenges, lessons learned about the ongoing networking, coordination, cooperation and coexistence of the 225 Group’s USAID funded project partners in Dang district.


The speakers said the initial 225 Group of USAID was started from Dang district which has been replicated in Surkhet and Salyan districts for extension of experiences to accumulate more cumulative results of USAID funded projects in Nepal.

Churna Chaudhary -the Executive Director of BASE expressed his comments for promoting and achieving the expected results of 225 groups in Dang district while Sudha Mishara concluded the meeting before which RWDC Chairperson Aasmani Chaudhary gifted the token of love to the visiting dignitaries by giving them the bag indicating the “Silver Jubilee” of RWDC.

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