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Taking part in 13 Social Business Day in Malaysia

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July 29, 2023: Dang Ghorahi: RWDC chair person Asmani Chaudhary including board members and members of Sunita Trust Foundation have taken part in the ongoing 13 Social Business Day being organized by Yunus Center at Langkawi in Malaysia from July 27 to 28, 2023.

The program organized with the theme, “War, Peace and Economics, Future of Human Beings” has brough more than 200 dignitaries associated with social business from the Asian countries including participants from Nepal.

Participants from RWDC  and Sunita Trust Foundation included RWDC Chair Aasmani Chaudhary, Madhaba Pokharel, Asmita Chaudhary, and Kamala Chaudhary.

The key speaker on this occasion was the Bangladeshi Professor of Economics Dr Professor Yunus who spoke about the importance of social business day.

Professor Yunus is a well known Novel Prize awardee for his innovative work on social business and three zero club.

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