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Success story of CBF Remanta Pun

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Remanta Pun is one of the Community Business Facilitators (CBF) of Sunlight Agrovet engaged in Reducing Post Harvest losses through the Access to New Technologies (RePLANT) project which is being implemented by the Rural Women Development Center -RWDC- in five rural /municipalities of Dang district viz: Ghorahi Sub Metropolis, Tulsipur Sub Metropolis, Dangisharan Rural Municipality, Lamahi Municipality, and Rapti Rural Municipality since January 2023. The project is funded by USAID and technically supported by iDE Nepal.

As a CBF Rremanta was assigned to work in Ghorai Sub Metropolis which she has been doing most diligently and committedly and with a high spirit of voluntarism.

She has sold over 300 Hermetic technology bags to the farmers produced with principles of Perdue University based in America also known as PICS bags within a span of two months. She has completed over 100 group sales by now and created a demand for over 300 PICS bags by now.

She has perfectly set an example for other CBFs to replicate her way of doing things and meeting the targets in the project.

She is one of the well-known social workers and chairperson of one of the primary-level community-level schools in Ghorahi.

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