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Strengthening Smallholder Farmers Organization for Livestock Value (SLVC-II)

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Capitalizing and building further synergy on the success of the first SLVC-I Project implemented by Rural Women Development Center (RWDC) from March 2012 to June 2016, the SLVC-II came into existence.

The SLVC-II Project duration has been set for April 2018 to March 2021 and is funded by Heifer International Nepal. The project is being implemented by RWDC in Dang district along with additional districts -Pyutan and Salyan.

The main goal of SLVC-II is to increase the annual household average income by 72% (NPR 557,000) by the end of the project year. The SLVC-II stresses on increasing the income and entrepreneurship of smallholder goat producers especially women by linking them directly to the
cooperatives to buyers and to consumers. The project on the other hand guides the cooperatives to attain their sustainability and internal good governance.

Major Targeted Areas:

  1. Improve market system, primarily goat meat and dairy value chain along with vegetable and backyard poultry.
  2. Scale up the enterprises of the participating farmers.
  3. Introduce new technologies and ideas to increase the overall farm profitability.

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