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RWDC’s crucial role in transforming Pabitra’s life

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Dang, Ghorahi, June 21, 2021: Pabitra GC is a resident of Gadwa-1, Kalakate, who had migrated to this area from Pyuthan in 2040 BS in search of a bright future. Pabitra and her husband Dhal Bahadur GC had left Pyuthan district because the land they possessed in the hilly regions of Pyuthan could not give them a good life. Her husband had just passed class 8 and she had not even stepped into a school in her life.

When the couple looked for opportunities to earn money, they did not know that money was essential to produce money. Also nobody gave them any idea to earn the money. Even when they would meet their family relatives during the festivals of Tihar and Dashain, they were hardly given any attention by their relatives, considering they were poor.

It was during these critical days (almost 12 years ago) that one of the staff of Gramin Mahila Utthan Kendra (Rural Women Development Center -RWDC) BP Oli came to Pabitra GC house and asked her to form a saving group of women and told her the stories of how the poor women like her had improved their lives by doing small enterprises. Pabitra GC immediately joined the women’s group at center no 25 of the Bhalubang branch run by RWDC.

Pabitra GC in her pigsty

She took a loan of Rs 10,000 without collateral which she had invested in goat rearing, poultry farming and piggery. She flourished in these occupations and since then she has never looked back.

Today, Pabitra has 15 goats, 150 local chickens, and 51 pigs in her piggery and she has already registered her piggery farm too.  She earns Rs 12,00000 to 15,00000 annually. Her goats, local chickens, and pigs are consumed in the market of Butwal and Bhairahwa. Although the lockdown has hampered her business yet she is not disturbed as she thinks that the lockdown situation is not only for her but for the world. She has two staff to look after her piggery, goats, and local chicken and she plans to hire one more staff in the future.

She has taken a loan of up to Rs 3,30000 from Aatmabirbhar LBS promoted by RWDC to promote her enterprises

When Pabitra looks back to her previous days, she thinks that it was like a dream. “Today, my two sons have started earning. One son is in Canada and other son is running a pharmacy in Butwal. This has been possible due to Gramin Mahila Utthan Kendra -Rural Women Development Center-RWDC) that supported me financially, “says Pabitra expressing her gratefulness to RWDC.

She also said that anyone can be successful in life if he or she works sincerely, with confidence and honesty. She says, “Although my two sons have started earning, I will be self reliant until I can do something with my own efforts.”

She has now become a good example for her neighbors. She is now appreciated by her relatives too. She has been very helpful to her relatives and neighbors nowadays.

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