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RWDC organized orientation to local government to improve their business process

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On February 14, 2022, RWDC organized an orientation program for the local government to improve their business process in institutionalizing policies.

The main objective of the orientation was to orient the local government representatives including ward chairs and members to identify the gap seen in the implementation of local government policies by fulfilling the aspirations of the people in the changed context of the federal structure in the country.

The overall objective of the program was to instill in the mind of the local representatives to comply with tools of social responsibility, accountability, and transparency which in turn pave the way for good governance.

As many as 44 participants including 29 males and 15 females representing various wards of Ghorahi Sub Metropolis, executive members of Ghorahi Sub Metropolis, and members of the common assembly had attended the program.

The orientation program was held at Hotel City Plaza in Ghorahi -15. The chief guest on the occasion was Mayor of Ghorahi Sub Metropolis Naru Lal Chaudhary while the RWDC chair Aasmani Chaudhary presided over the program which began at around 8 am and ended by 11;30 am

The consultant for the program was advocate Subraj Chaudhary, who presented his PowerPoint slides about various aspects of local government policies, their scope of working, and policy gaps to be addressed in the upcoming days.

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Speaking during the program, Dil Bahadur Gharti, a member of the Common Assembly said that the local government unit such as the ward office does not invite the members of CA during the local planning process. He also complained that the ward office believes in assigning all kinds of works and budgets to the contractors rather than the citizens of the locality.

The women participants also actively participated in the discussions related to property rights of women and men, while Mayor Naru Lal also took part in the jovial interactions and discussions.

The program was finally addressed by chief guest Naru Lal Chaudhary and RWDC chair Aasmani Chaudhary.

Mayor Naru Lal Chaudhary while speaking during the program highlighted that Ghorahi Sub Metropolis has almost completed framing all relevant policies.

In her concluding remarks, RWDC chair Aasmani Chaudhary said the few suggestions of the participants will be taken into consideration in conducting similar programs in future.

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