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RWDC Holds Social Audit Program

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On January 13, 2022, RWDC organized the Social Audit Program at Hotel City Plaza hall to manifest the organizational good governance, accountability and transparency. Over 55 participants including 35 females and 20 males attended the social audit program representatives of media, civil society, local government agents, and private organizations. Independent consultants including Durga Lal KC and Basundhara Gautam presented the findings of the report on the impacts of RWDC on its beneficiaries, main achievements and challenges met during the field visits to measure the activities implemented by RWDC in Dang district.   The key results of the Social audit described the challenges of sustainability of local assemblies and LDAGs after the end of the project, and Local bodies not paying attention to the use of social audit as tool for good governance, accountability and transparency.   The speakers also suggested that self reliance should be developed in future activities. The program was started at 11 am which was presided over by RWDC chair Aasmani Chaudhary and ex coordinator of Civil Society Chandra Raj Pant was the chief guest on the occasion while the local representatives of ward no 17,14 and 13, 1 (Khopi Ram Chaudhary, Shaktiram Dangi, Rabi Lal Gharti) respectively had also attended the program. Media persons, local NGO representatives, CA representatives, LDAG representative and cooperative representatives of SLVC -II project besides CSMAP project representatives were present on the occasion while the program was hosted by Basundhara Gautam and welcome speech was delivered by RWDC board member Madhaba Pokharel. The overall progress of RWDC was presented by Bhim Kant Chaudhary while CSMAP project coordinator Hit Bdr Thapa highlighted the main objectives of holding Social Audit as per the criteria set in the Nepal government’s Ministry for Federal Affairs and Administration- act 2067. The chief guest Chandra Raj while speaking during the program said that the RWDC as the leading CSO in the district has been successful in initiating advocacy on the rights of education, health, agriculture rights and Disaster Risk prevention measures on behalf of the civil society. He also pointed out that RWDC has been mobilizing the networks of civil society and local government agencies in highlighting the issues of protection of human rights, accountability, transparency, good governance and working for the rights of backward communities. Similarly, founding legal advisor of RWDC Shogat Bir Chaudhary also expressed that the RWDC in its last journey of more than 26 years has come across various hurdles, yet kept on traversing thousands miles and achieve the present milestone of being one of the active and capable Civil Society to initiate advocacy campaigns for the sake of common people. RWDC chair Aasmani Chaudhary in her concluding remarks narrated that the RWDC will incorporate all the suggestions and recommendations given by the participants in the program as the guiding principles to implement its future plans and activities.

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