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RWDC conducts Training on Women& Reproductive Health

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Dang, Ghorahi, (December 8- 10-11): Gramin Mahila Utthan Kendra (Rural Women Development Center-RWDC) organized a two days training on women’s reproductive health at Narayanpur and Ghorahi.

The chief trainer of the two trainings was Khima Busal, who facilitated the trainings at two places. The training was inaugurated by RWDC chairperson Aasmani Chaudhary at two places, while Madhava Pokharel delivered the welcome speech on both the occasions. As many as 35 women participants representing marginalized groups of rural women had participated at Narayanpur training, while a total of 30 women participants had participated at Ghorahi based training on reproductive health.

The training had focused and covered the nine components related to women’s reproductive health. The training topics included matters such as how to have family planning, how to create birth gaps between the children and how to take medicines and injections to stop the unwanted pregnancy.

The training session also focused on vasectomy, periodic abstinence, and use of condoms, diaphragm, and withdrawal as various methods of family planning. The RWDC chairman Aasmani Chaudhary concluded both the sessions with her concluding remarks.

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