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RWDC Conducts Systems Leadership Training

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March 8, 2022, Ghorahi-15: Rural Women Development Center-RWDC (Gramin Mahila Utthan Kendra) started its two days of Systems Leadership Training in Ghorahi from today (March 8) which will conclude on March 7.

The training was inaugurated at Hotel Mala Inn in Ghorahi by the Chief Guest the Mayor of Ghorahi Sub Metropolis Naru Lal Chaudhary.  The training was presided over by RWDC Chairperson Aasmani Chaudhary while FHI360 representatives as well as trainers Bhola Bhattarai, Pranab Bhattarai, and Samjhana Kachhapati also attended the inaugural program.

RWDC Chairperson Aasmani Chaudhary speaking during the inaugural session

The first session was initiated by Bhola Bhattarai, the Advocacy Advisor of FHI360.  He asked the participants to introduce themselves after which the participants were asked to make a short sketch of the development concept they have in their minds.

Mayor Narulal Chaudhary speaking during the inaugural cermoney

He also delved into the subject matter of what makes a development. He informed the participants that development is not meant for the development of haves but the development of haves not in the real sense.

“Development should bring changes in the lives of common people,” said he. This was followed by the training game for the participants initiated by another FHI360 trainer Samjhana Kacchapati, GESI Advisor for FHI360, who introduced a game for the participants to engage in with different roles to play.

FHI360 trainer Bhola Bhattarai imparting his training on systems leadership

The game showed how power holders or people near power centers could achieve a lot of progress in life by hook or crook rather than the retarded progress made by the people of low class or people who are felt stranded.

FHI360 trainer Pranab Bhattarai delivered his inaugural speech

After lunch started the session of Pranab Bhattarai, the FHI360 Governance Advisor,  who dealt with the topic of what is System Leadership. A total of 40 participants participated in the training.  A total of 21 females and 19 males took part in the training.

He Samjhana Kacchapati, GESI Advisor of FHI360 delivering training on Systems Leadership

gave the example of all parts of the body to be in good condition to function well and the same case applies to system leadership said he. Then Bhola sir continued the session on what is system leadership. He also showed a video with the content on leadership with five rules.

Each of the sessions was proactive and interactive. The participants are represented by CA, CSOs, Civil Society Champions, LDAGs, media, and RWDC board members including CSMAP staff. The training was hosted by Shiva Chaudhary.

USAID representative Ms Sumitra Manandhar speaking during the concluding

The second-day sessions were facilitated by Bhola sir, Pranab sir, and Samjhana madam while Ms. Sumitra Manandhar, the expert of Governance and Democracy from USAID and FHI360 Deputy Chief of the Party Prem Ojha also attended the second and last concluding session of the training with their remarkable remarks to the participants.

FHI360 Deputy Chief of the party -Prem Ojha speaking during the concluding session

From among participants of the training, Khem Raj Khanal CA member, Binod KC of Civil Society -INSEC, and Hem Raj Nepali from media also spoke on the occasion, while the RWDC Chairperson Aasmani Chaudhary thanked all participants including USAID and FHI360 guests and trainers.

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