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RWDC builds new house for dumb beggar Howhow BK

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Dang Ghorahi, May 20, 2021: Howhow BK of Chaughera in Ghorahi-Sub Metropolis has been begging the whole day and sleeping under the open sky for the last six decades. She is dumb and can’t speak well. Her husband Mohan BK is also physically unable to anything.

Rural Women Development Center (RWDC) built a house for Howhow BK after seeing her most pitiable living condition. Now she has a house to live in.

She is happy to live in her new house. When people ask her how she got this house she speaks with the articulation of her hands and fingers and signals that RWDC chairperson Aasmani Chaudhary built her house. However, Howhow BK is not only happy to get this new house. Other landless and poor people have also got their houses built by RWDC.

The beneficiaries such as Bishnu Chaudhar, Parbati Chaudhary, Shanta Chaudhary, Parvati Chaudhary, Uma Chaudhary, Maya Chaudhary, Kallu Chaudhary Ramkali BK have also got new houses built under the program Ghorahi Community Development Project which is implemented by RWDC, funded by The Charitable Fund (TCF) and coordinated  by Habitat for Humanity Nepal.

“These houses are meant for poor, old, and physically handicapped people, “said Aasmani Chaudhary.

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