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Pain Management Orientation for Sickle Cell diseased and Trait held

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January 31, 2024: Dang Ghorahi:

Background information:

Sickle cell anemia is one of the genetic diseases found in the Tharu community in Dang, Banke, Bardia, Kailali and Kanchanpur districts. Sickle cell disease is caused due to sickle-shaped blood cells in the blood veins of an individual.

RWDC conducted a free sickle cell camp with the support of Metlife to identify the individuals suffering from sickle cell at Narayanpur ward no 10, health post last year. A total of 412 individuals had participated in the free sickle cell camp out of which 41 people including 4 diseased persons and 37 persons as trait persons were diagnosed after their blood test.

Since the patients suffering from sickle cell disease and trait undergo body pain throughout their lifetime, therefore RWDC in collaboration with Metlife organized a one-day Pain Management Orientation for the 41 individuals who were identified from the previous sickle cell camp. The one-day “Pain Management Orientation for Sickle Cell Diseased and trait persons was held on January 29, 2024, at Hotel City Plaza.

The pain management orientation was attended by a total of targeted 41 individuals.  Dr Uma Kant Tiwari of Rapti Health and Science Academy facilitated the orientation program: Dr. Tiwari oriented the participants about taking cetamol, Ibrufin and Asprin when there is pain in the body. He also told them to take maximum fluid as compared to a normal person to allow the easy blood circulation in the veins as sickle shaped blood cells cause blood to flow with difficulty which causes pain in the body.

He also said that an individual having sickle cell should drink water in double volume than a normal person as water is the main home medicine for this disease. He also said that any individual suffering maximum pain and difficulty in chest pain and breathing should report to the hospital immediately for recovery. He said that any individual having sickle cell can keep cetamol, Ibrufin to take when the body pain occurs. He also said that in the last stage of pain, morphine can also be medicated as per consultation with a physician and medical assistants. Dr Tiwari also indicated that every human being is born to die which is a natural process. However if people can develop a good food habit, they can easily lead a normal life.

He said that Rapti Health and Science Academy is going to purchase the machine –Electrophoresis to identify sickle cell disease most probably the individuals suspected of sickle cell can get their blood tested in the near future in Ghorahi at this academy.

Dr. Tiwari also responded to various questions raised by the participants in the orientation. Similarly, the health post in charge of Narayanpur Health post-Dilli Raj Acharya also spoke to the participants on the occasion regarding various measures to be taken to manage the pain of sickle cell anaemia patients. He told the participants to collect citamol from the health post of Naryanpur.

The program was chaired by RWDC founding advisor Shogat Bir Chaudhary.It was moderated by Parbati Basnet and welcomed by RWDC treasurer Meera Chaudhary.

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