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Over 1000 rural women receive improved agri-farming Trainings

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January 3, 2023: Dang Ghorahi:  By the end of the year 2022, over 1000 rural women, and farmers from marginalized communities were oriented on agri-farming subjects including vegetable and mushroom farming.

Seasonal, off-seasonal, as well as Mushroom related training, was imparted by Hema Poudel at various places in the Dang district. These training were held at Ghorahi Sub Metropolis 2,3,9,7,9, and 17 wards.

 In Tulsipur Sub-Metropolis the training was held at wards no 11, 17, 2, and 17. likewise, a few pieces of training were held in Rajpur Rural Municipality too.

In the fiscal year 2021/2022, RWDC has provided Improved Agri-Farming about “mushroom” production in four places and a total of 66 rural women have been oriented on how to produce mushrooms.

This training was given under the Improved Agri-Farming Training (IAFP) Project by the trainer Hima Poudel. These IAFP trainings were held at Ghorahi-7, Patharkotiya, Ghorahi-4, Sonpur, Rajpur rural municipality-7, Ratakas, Shanti Nagar-1, Nayabasti. Of the total 66 women who received improved agri-farming training included 29 Janajati, 28 Dalit, and 9 others.


Similarly, RWDC has also given training of seasonal and off-seasonal agricultural training at 32 places in the Dang district to as many as 696 rural women, which include 602 Janajatis, 24 Dalits, and 58 others ( others indicate Brahmin, Chetri, and Giri.

These pieces of training were held at Ghorahi-4, Rajdhani, Ghorahi-9, Dubichaur, Gadhwa rural municipality-7, Semri, Ghorahi-11, Jhamketari, Ghorahi -5, Naunabar, Lamahi Municipality-4, Bhaisakor, Tulsipur-17, Majgaun, Ghorahi 11, Khaira, Rajpur rural municipality-5, Channa, Rajpur Rural Municipality -6 Gamdi, Tulsipru -17, Sundabari, Rapti rural municipality -3, Ghorahi-7 Sakwari, Ghorahi-11, Rapti rural municipality-7, Bhanpur, Ghorahi-14 Jhingaura, Tulsipur 17, Jameragaun, Ghorahi-10, Ghorahi-10, Lamdar, Ghorahi -12, Bariyar, Ghorahi-8, Butnaniya, Shantinagar 7, Gorratilwari, Ghorahi-10, Jharbaira, Ghorahi-13, Bangaun, Ghorahi-16, Bhagwannagar, Ghorhi-13 Baraiya Sewar, Ghorahi -14, Sewar, Ghorahi 2, Nimoriya, Rajpur rural municipality-4, Dulhiya, Ghorahi-9 Teghera, Ghorahi 7, Sishiniya, Tulsipur -15, Paharua, Tulsipur 2 Balapur.




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