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Over 762 rural women receive improved agri-farming Trainings

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Dang Ghorahi-July 3, 2022:

In the fiscal year 2021/2022, RWDC has provided Improved Agri-Farming about “mushroom” production in four places and a total of 66 rural women have been oriented on how to produce mushrooms.

This training was given under the Improved Agri-Farming Training (IAFP) Project by the trainer Hima Poudel. These IAFP trainings were held at Ghorahi-7, Patharkotiya, Ghorahi-4, Sonpur, Rajpur rural municipality-7, Ratakas, Shanti Nagar-1, Nayabasti. Of the total 66 women who received improved agri-farming training included 29 Janajati, 28 Dalit, and 9 others.


Similarly, RWDC has also given training of seasonal and off-seasonal agricultural training at 32 places in the Dang district to as many as 696 rural women, which include 602 Janajatis, 24 Dalits, and 58 others ( others indicate Brahmin, Chetri, and Giri.

These pieces of training were held at Ghorahi-4, Rajdhani, Ghorahi-9, Dubichaur, Gadhwa rural municipality-7, Semri, Ghorahi-11, Jhamketari, Ghorahi -5, Naunabar, Lamahi Municipality-4, Bhaisakor, Tulsipur-17, Majgaun, Ghorahi 11, Khaira, Rajpur rural municipality-5, Channa, Rajpur Rural Municipality -6 Gamdi, Tulsipru -17, Sundabari, Rapti rural municipality -3, Ghorahi-7 Sakwari, Ghorahi-11, Rapti rural municipality-7, Bhanpur, Ghorahi-14 Jhingaura, Tulsipur 17, Jameragaun, Ghorahi-10, Ghorahi-10, Lamdar, Ghorahi -12, Bariyar, Ghorahi-8, Butnaniya, Shantinagar 7, Gorratilwari, Ghorahi-10, Jharbaira, Ghorahi-13, Bangaun, Ghorahi-16, Bhagwannagar, Ghorhi-13 Baraiya Sewar, Ghorahi -14, Sewar, Ghorahi 2, Nimoriya, Rajpur rural municipality-4, Dulhiya, Ghorahi-9 Teghera, Ghorahi 7, Sishiniya, Tulsipur -15, Paharua, Tulsipur 2 Balapur.




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