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Over 412 attend Sickle cell anemia camp and 41 positive cases identified

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June 20, 2023: Gramin Mahila Utthan Kendra (Rural Women Development Centre-RWDC with financial assistance of American Met life Insurance and under the close coordination of District Health office Dang and health office of Ghorahi Sub Metropolis ward no 10, Narayanpur organized a one day free Sickling Test for Sickle Cell Anaemia on June 17, 2023.

The free Sickle Cell Anaemia camp was attended by team members of American Met Life led by Assistant Chief and international distribution officer Arun Basnet. The camp which began at around 8 was formally inaugurated by Mayor of Ghorhai Sub Metropolis Naru Lal Chaudhary as the chief guest of the occasion while Met Life’s Assistant Chief Arun Basnet was the special guest on the occasion.

The inaugural program was presided by RWDC chairperson Aasmani Chaudhary. Present on the occasion were senior staff of Dang district health office and ward no 10 health post officials.

Speaking during the inaugural function, the chief guest and Mayor Naru Lal Chaudhary committed to allocate the local government budget for the procurement of machine and place it at Rapti Health Academy so that those willing to check their health for sickle cell anemia could get the services in future.

He also said that since Sickle cell anaemia is a genetic and dangerous disease especially among the Tharu community, there is need to identity this disease in most of the suspected people. He also added, “We cannot think of prosperity and development without the healthy citizens. There is no vaccination against the Sickle Cell Anaemia. So, only getting checked and identifying this disease time well in advance is the only way forward for all to prevent it. The Mayor also focused that awareness against Sickle cell anaemia also should be spread as fast as possible.

Similarly, speaking during the same program, Narayan Gharti who is chief of health department of Ghorahi Sub Metropolis said that Sickle cell anaemia could be prevented from spreading genetically if we would identify it before the marriage time in couples.

He also said that since the children inflicted with Sickle cell anaemia disease cannot study and grow well in life, the government and concerned bodies should be very serious about this disease which is spreading like a wild fire with the societies. “It can not only decimate a community but also harm the whole society and nation in the long run. So we should be very serious about this disease, “he added.

Speaking during the same program, Meti life Assistant Chief Arun Basnet said that he was  very pleased to see so many of people specially from Tharu community attending the camp and would expect to hold such camps in future too.

Speaking during the same program, the Narayanpur ward 10 health post chief Dilli Raj Achary said that RWDC has accomplished the Sickle Cell Anaemia Sickling test which even government has not been able to do. He also suggested that RWDC in future could also focus on running similar camps for the mentally and psychologically broken people which would very appreciable act. He also thanked RWDC for giving the health post to provide this unique type of services about sickle cell anamia test freely to the citizens who really needed these services.

The concluding remarks of inaugural function were given by RWDC Chairperson Aasmani Chaudhary who thanked all concerned stakeholders including the Mayor of Ghorahi Sub Metropolis, Met life, health volunteers, mothers groups and the whole staff engaged in conducting the camp.

The total of participants who attended this camp were 412 of which 329 were females and 83 were males.  Of the total 412 people tested for sickling test, a total of 41 persons have positive results for Sickle cell anemia.

However, these 41 positive numbers do not show how many are trait type and how many disease type. So, all 41 positive cases. These 41 positive cases will be sent to the next level of haemoglobin electro process to identify how many are trait type and how many diseased type.

Though the camp was expected to bring around 300 persons for sickle cell test, more than 400 people arrived of which remaining people beyond 412 were asked to return for next sickle cell camp to be held in future.

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