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Orientations on Sickle cell to social leaders, Guruwas, jhakris and priests

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June 11, 2023: The ward chairman  of Ghorahi Sub Metropolis-Narayanpur ward no 10, Deepak Pandey called upon all his residents to take part in the upcoming free Sickle Cell camp on June 17, 2023 which is being organized by Rural Women Development Center-RWDC (Gramin Mahila Utthan Kendra) in coordination with ward no 10, Narayanpur. The activity is financially supported by American Met Life Insurance Pvt ltd.

Pandey said so during a program held at Narayanpur on 10 June 2023 by RWDC. The program was focused on one day Sickle cell related orientation to social leaders, tole bikas chairs, Guruwa, mahatawa Dhami, Jhankri, priests, pastor, local representatives and teachers. Pandey was the chief guest on this occasion.

The slide presentations related to orientation on Sickle cell were delivered by acting chief of Dang district health office, Dambar Kunwar and focal person Devi Lal Dangi. A total of 56 participants participated in the one day orientation program which included 43 male and 13 females representing 29 janjati, 26 Brahmin Chetry and one dalit.

Anyone in the age group of 15 to 25 years could attend this sickle cell camp and other community people of any age suffering from or showing the symptoms of sickle cell such as body ache, recurring jaundice, joint pains, stomachache are invited to the free sickle cell camp to be held in Narayanpur at ward no 10, health post premises on June 17, 2023.

The instructors focused on what is sickle cell disease? How it is transmitted? How to take precautions against this disease? The situation of sickle cell, treatment according to the symptoms, symptoms of sickle cell and finally about the suggestions and counseling to be given to the patients of sickle cell disease with top confidence were discussed in the orientations. The orientation also discussed about the conditions and situations of Sickle cell patients capable of marrying one another and pairs able to marry but not suggested to beget offspring. The main slogan of the orientation was “Prevention is better than cure.”

The orientation program was presided over by RWDC chairperson Aasmani Chaudhary while the program was facilitated by Prabati Basnet and organizational introductory presentations were given by HB Thapa.


Orientation on Sickle cell to Female Community Health Volunteers (FCHV) and Mothers Groups

Similarly, on June 11, 2023, the RWDC in close coordination with ward no 10 Narayanpur organized a one day orientation on sickle cells for Female Community Health Volunteers (FCHV) and mothers groups.

A total of 55 FCHVs including senior health and health technicians of Narayanpur health post attended this one day orientations on sickle cell with 46 females and 9 males including 26 Janjati 28 Brahmin Chetries and one dalit. The orientations were provided by acting chief of Dang district health office Dambar Kunwar and Focal Person Devi Lal Dangi of Dang district health office.

The Narayanpur health office in charge Dilli Raj Acharya also spoke about the significance of holding Sickle cell camp for the targeted community. The welcome speech was given by RWDC treasurer Meera Chaudhary, while the organization background introduction through slides presentation was undertaken by HB Thapa.

Both the health trainers of orientation program said that the Sickle cell is not a communicable dieses. It is a genetic disease which is transmitted from parents to the children.

The Sickle cell is found in two situations. One type of sickle cell is Sickle cell trait which is found in human body but does not show any symptoms of sickle cell disease. The other type is Sickle cell disease which is usually transmitted to new born babies through their parents genetically.

The trainers also said the sickle cell is sickle shaped red blood cells which are not able to supply oxygen to all parts of the human body which is why the person having this sickle cell disease develops various pains in the body. The round shaped red blood cell are good for human body as they are able to flow inside the arteries and veins without any barrier and can carry oxygen to various parts of the body without any barrier. But sickle cell are not able to carry oxygen to various parts of the body regularly. Sickle cells dies in around 26 days while round blood cells die in around 120 days.

The sickle cell can be identified through two methods, either through screening test or through hemoglobin electro process.  Screening can show whether the person is sickle cell positive or negative, but it cannot identify whether the sickle cell is trait type or disease type.

Although, Sickle cell disease has been identified to dominantly prevalent in Tharu community, yet other communities have also started manifesting this dangerous genetic disease.

The orientation deliverance also highlighted that the sickle cell disease is not a curable disease. It can only be limited through right medications such as taking Folic acid and other pain killing medicines. The pain of sickle cell patient is considered to be 10 times more than that of labor pain.

The instructors during the two days orientations said that the sickle cell disease can be cured only if the whole bone barrow is changed which is not possible and if done could be very costly as well.

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