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MPAC Ghorahi held

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December 25, 2023: Rural Women Development Center (RWDC) conducted a one-day Municipality level Project Advisory Committee (MPAC) meeting for Ghorahi Sub Metropolitan City at City Plaza Hotel on December 23, 2023, under the RePLANT project.

Ghorahi MPAC was presided over by the MPAC chair and Mayor of Ghorahi Sub Metropolitan City Naru Lal Chaudhary which was attended by over 23 participants including RWDC chairperson Aasmani Chaudhary, MPAC members, ward chairmen, representatives, and media persons.

The meeting was moderated by supervisor Sishir Oli. The project coordinator Hit BDR Thapa highlighted the objective of the meeting while the Project Officer Sangit Adhikari highlighted the overall project target and achievements and future activities to be completed.

Speaking during the meeting Ram Mani Pandey the ward no 1 chairman and Ghorahi Sub Metropolitan city spokesperson said that his agri cooperative -Jaivik Bividhta Krish Sahacari sanstha in Rampur will keep a cocoon for the sake of safeguarding the crop seeds.

Similarly, the ward no 9 chairperson also committed to keeping on cocoon at Bageshwory Seed Production cooperative for the sake of crop seeds. The speakers also recommended PICS bags with the capacity of storing 5kg, 10 kg, 15 kg, and 25 kg in the future.

Delivering his concluding remarks, the MPAC chair and Mayor Naru Lal Chaudhary said that every ward can decide to provide 50% subsidy in distributing the Hermetic -PICS bags to the farmers in the new fiscal year.

RePLANT is funded by USAID/iDE and implemented by RWDC in five palikas of Dang district since January 2023 and will come to an end by the end of February 2024.

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