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Micro-loan promotes Geeta Chaudhary’s entrepreneurship

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Geeta Chaudhary, a resident of Lamahi Municipality ward no 8, Gidhniya has been recognized in her community as one of the smiling, agile and extremely laborious women entrepreneurs these days.However, when Geeta recalls her past, her heart still shakes. She had gone through extreme poverty and famished state. Her pain and worry mounted as her husband also suffered from a disease known as sickle cell. But, Geeta took her condition as an opportunity to do something. Then she invested Rs 1500 that she had received from her maternal house for tika and started a business by placing the eatables-Biscuits and Chou Chou on an open corridor.

It was the year 2013 when an office staff of GraminMahilaUthan Kendra (RWDC) Ranjana Chaudhary of Kalali came to this village to form women’s saving  groups.

Geeta narrates her past history as follows: ” When I was not trusted by the villagers for even Rs 50 RWDC trusted me because it gave me a loan amount of Rs 5000 which I invested in the initial business. My entrepreneurships included pigs, poultry farm, duck farm and vegetable farm. I have also planned to take a loan amount of Rs 5, 00000 after paying the last installment for loan amount of Rs 2, 00000.

Now I can speak before others after learning to speak from the group, otherwise I had forgotten that I had passed up to class eight after seeing pain and miseries of life. I have also developed self confidence. Now I have built a concrete house after joining the RWDC group and succeeded in buying a land worth six katha and eleven dhoor from the income she earned from her business. I have taken two bighas and seven kathas of land on lease to cultivate chilly, mustard oil and sweet potato. I have two more poultry farms too, while I have formally registered Shiva Shakti Agricultural and Bigs farm do continue  my professional agricultural framings.

Geeta had a business of about Rs 25,00000 and after deducting all cost expenses, she had saved Rs 10,00000 as net profit from her business. Most of the villagers now consult with Geeta to do anything in the community. “GraminMahilaUthan Kendra (RWDC)’s Atma nirbhar Laghubitta Bittiya  Sanstha Ltd has played a very significant role in bringing me to this far,” said Geeta Chaudhary.

She has future plans to establish her own feed factory to feed pigs and poultry in her own locality as all raw materials are available in the village according to her. She believes that if the feed industry is opened the local jobs will also be created for some people. “One who has experienced pain can only feel the happiness and to feel the happiness, one must take the pain, ” She adds.

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