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Lamahi and Tulsipur MPAC held

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March 22, 2024; Dang Ghorahi: RePLANT Project Advisory Committee meetings were held at Lamahi Municipality on March 20 and at Tulsipur Sub Metropolis on March 19, 2024.

The Municipal-level project advisory committee (MPAC) meeting under the RePLANT projects was held for the second round at the two places where the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, administration chiefs, and other representatives were present from various departments of both the municipalities in Dang district.

Over 19 participants were present at Lamahi MPAC and over 15 participants were present at the Tulsipur MPAC held at Tulsipur.

The Program Officer of the project Basant Giri presented the overall project achievements before the audience at both the meetings after which feedback was collected for improvement in the project activities.


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