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Huma Oli becomes successful livestock entrepreneur

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June 13

Huma Oli is a permanent resident of Lamahi Municipality,ward no-9, Rihar. She lives with her one son, two daughters and husband. She had to sell all her land due to some domestic problem. Her husband also went abroad for foreign employment. But it was all in vain.

Then Huma Oli decided to start up a grocery shop and a sewing center. Huma could just make her both ends meet. Her difficult days of financial crisis never ended until she became a member of the women group of passing on the gifts in 2011 (2068 BS) under the project “Strengthening Smallholder Farmers organization for livestock Value Chain (SLVC-II) which was
implemented by Rural Women Development Center (RWDC) and funded by Heifer International Nepal in Satbariya village development committee.

Huma received the gift of three goats in 2014 (2071BS) under the SLVC project. She also received various capacity building trainings related to various professions which encouraged her to conceptualize the very idea of investing time and money in goat farming in large scale. Though Huma had already grocery shop and sewing center, yet she was drawn towards goat rearing profession.

She then called back her husband from abroad and consulted with her family members to start up a goat livestock farm. With this proposal in her mind Huma approached Karmath Samajik Udhami Mahila Cooperative limited and requested for a loan of Rs 2,00000. The loan was granted to her and with this loan she bought additional number of goats of different breeds and she also constructed a large goat shed to accommodate more goats in it.

Huma Oli who started her goat farm with just three goats received in gifts from SLVC project has now as many as 65 goats of which 35 are she goats only.

Nowadays, Huma is also thinking of constructing even larger goats shed that can accommodate more than 100 goats a time.

She revealed that she could earn Rs 4, 00000 annually from the sale of goats. With the income of goats livestock Huma has built a concrete house of two rooms. Moreover, she has been able to send her children to good schools.

There is no problem of marketing for goats’ meat for Huma as Karmatha Samajik Uddhami Mahila Cooperative is the main center for the sale of goat meat produced by Huma.

In addition, the Lumbini provincial government has also provided her Rs 112500 for the construction of an improved goat shed. Samajik Udhami Mahila Cooperative ltd is also a cooperative which has been promoted and strengthened by RWDC and Heifer International through the SLVC Project since its inception.

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