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How goat rearing changed Nima Kumari Rakhal’s life

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Jan 18, 2024:

Dang Ghorahi: Nima Kumari Rakhal Magar, 36, is a resident of Pyuthan district Ward No. 3, Bangebesi, Sarumarani Rural Municipality. Her husband had gone to India looking for a job but could not earn enough to sustain the family. It was difficult for Nima to run her household. She was even struggling to pay the school fees of her children. However, her condition started to improve when she became a member of the Bangebesi-based Shantikunja Samajik Uddhami Mahila Cooperative.

As a member of the cooperative group, she had the chance to undergo skill-oriented training like cornerstone training, livestock management training, and entrepreneurship training. The training was organised under the SLVC project implemented by RWDC and Heifer International Nepal in Pyuthan district. The training helped Nima build her skills and capacity to start a profession, and she took up the job of goat rearing.

Within a few years, there was a drastic improvement in Nima’s social and economic standards. Nima shares that the cooperative and the SLVC Project implemented by RWDC played a substantial role in her life. Her morale has increased as she has taken a loan of NRs 280,000 from her cooperative in four instalments. She has also taken a loan of NRs 500,000 from the Agricultural Bank on the recommendation of the cooperative. These resources have helped her manage her goat shed. She shares that her annual income from the sale of goats is more than NRs. 250,000. Her husband, who has been working in India for a seasonal job, is now helping her, and as a result, the family harmony has also increased.

Sharing about her first experience of receiving a substantial income through selling her goats, Nima expressed, “I brought 18 goats to this cooperative for sale. Tears rolled down my eyes when I was handed over an amount of NRs. 118,980 as the price of my 18 goats.” She has 29 goats at home and is paying her loan installments on time. The provincial government of Lumbini has also provided her with a subsidy amount of NRs. 173,200 for the improvement of her goat shed.

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