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Hermetic Bag demonstrations held

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March 14, 2023: Hermetic Bag demonstration has been held at Narayanpur-12 to showcase the hermetic technology which is essential to prevent post harvest losses. The demonstration has been aimed to raise awareness among the farmers who have been facing heavy losses during post harvest period while storing the grains and crops.

Over 51 participants including 5 males and 46 females had attended the Hermetic Bag demonstration program.

The demonstration was facilitated by RWDC supervisor for Market and Agriculture -Hima Poudel as a part of activity for “Reducing Post harvest losses through Access to New Technologies-RePLANT project being implemented by Rural Women Development Center-RWDC (Gramim Mahila Utthan Kendra) in Dang.

The project is funded by USAID and technically supported iDE Nepal. RePLANT is being implemented in five municipalities of Dang district viz: Rapti R. Municipality, Lamahi Municipality, Ghorahi Sub Metropolis, Tulsipur Metropolis and Dangisharan R. Municipality.

Similarly, the Insurance Supervisor of RePLANT project Arbind Chaudhary also accomplished one PICs (Hermetic bag) demonstrations on March 14, 2023 at Tulsipur Sub Metropolis -12, Kachila where as many as 33 participants (farmers) attended the demonstration of Hermetic bag.

The demonstration comprised of how to put the grains like Maize, paddy inside the bag and keep it air tight to prevent the harmful worms from entering into it.

The technology of the Hermetic bag is that usually the oxygen is the essential element that every living organism including all kinds of pests need to survive inside the bags.

In this bag the airtight technology works where in oxygen level is reduced to minimum level of 5-8 level which causes all pests to die because this insufficient oxygen inside the bag does not give them the environment to survive.

Moreover the level of carbon dioxide also increases inside the bag which also prevents the pests to survive inside the hermetic bag (PICS).

Similarly, supervisor Sarita Rana  also organized Hermetic bag demonstration at Bhagwanpur in Sisniya in Rapti Rural Municipality.

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