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HEAD Coalition/CSO Coalition Meeting held

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Ghorahi, Dang, May 30, 2022: On 30 May 2022, Rural Women Development Center -RWDC-(Gramin Mahila Utthan Kendra- held a meeting of HEAD Coalition/CSO Coalition in Ghorahi-15 at Mala Inn to discuss the local raised in CA and Sub-HEAD Committees.

The meeting is a regular meeting under Civil Society and Mutual Accountability Project implemented by RWDC, funded by USAID, and technically supported by FHI360 Nepal.

A total of 16 participants participated in the meeting including 3 males and 13 females. The participants were represented by CSOs, media persons, and RWDC staff of the CSMAP project.

The meeting discussed the burning local issues such as community school admission fees being charged to students at high school, Lack of course books in the community school, Lack of agricultural manure, and seeds, and lack of medicines (Amlode 5 mg) for blood pressure patients.

Crop insurance for farmers, gender-based violence, need to allocate budget for disaster risk (flood) and fencing in the pond, and scholarships for poor students. The meeting was held under the chairmanship of Coalition chair Thaman Chaudhary a member of the Red Cross Society Dang district.

The local issues were prioritized and an oversight committee was formed headed by Thaman Chaudhary to go on oversight at wards and concerned local government agencies for solutions to these local issues on June 7, 2022.

The meeting was facilitated by CSMAP Advocacy Officer Shiva Chaudhary while the major meeting agenda on local issues were presented by CSMAP -Project Coordinator HB Thapa. The participants of this meeting were also informed about the closing of the CSMAP and this meeting being the last meeting.

The meeting was dispersed after the closing remarks of Thaman Chaudhary.

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