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Goat rearing occupation changing Tila Rana’s Life

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Dang, Ghorahi, June 15, 2021: Tila Rana has been living with her one son, three daughters, and a sick husband at Lamahi Municipality-9, Bangetal in Dang district for over two decades after migrating from Rolpa.

As soon she migrated to Dang district Tila had engaged herself in grocery shop and buffalo taming profession for at least one decade.  However, the situation was not turning up as she expected.

Meanwhile, she joined one of the groups formed and run as beneficiary group for SLVC-I project implemented by Rural Development Center -RWDC, funded by Heifer International Nepal in Dang district.

Rana’s association with the group enabled her to participate in various skill oriented trainings related to goat rearing and vegetables provided by the project.

Tila Rana with her goats

As an outcome, she was gradually drawn towards the goat rearing profession. So, she decided to profess goat rearing commercially with premeditated plans.

The SLVC project had provided her two goats initially and one more goat after three years as a gift under the program “Passing on the Gift”.

Her goat shed is now full of goats after she added some more goats by taking a loan of Rs 1,00000. Currently, Rana has a total of 82 goats including 26 she goats.

She has cultivated extensive grassland for the goats in 2 katha land. She has become financially strong enough to send her children to go to good schools. She has been able to give proper medical treatment to her sick husband who has recovered from his illness now. Goat rearing has definitely changed Tila’s life.

The people from her surrounding who never trusted for a small amount of loan are these days coming and asking for loans from her.

“I really appreciate the gift of goats I received from RWDC and Heifer International Nepal, but for which I would not have achieved my present goals,” says Tila Rana with a smile on her face.

Tila Rana and her husband in front of goat shed

Last year only Rana had earned Rs 5, 00000 from the sale of goats and she has also got a subsidy of Rs 150,000 to support her in her livestock profession. She has no problem in finding the market for her livestock meat because Karmath Samajik Udhami Mahila Cooperative is doing marketing for her livestock.

By now she has become an exemplary livestock entrepreneur for her peers in the surroundings. The cooperative where Tila is associated is also being promoted by RWDC for a long time.

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