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Goat rearing for Kalika has earned her both income and social prestige

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June 15,2021

Kalika Magar, a resident of Gairigaon in Ghorahi Sub-metropolitan ward no. 3, was forced to leave the house as she was a single woman.

Kalika has a painful experience of not being able to save her husband even though she has spent over hundred thousand rupees on medical treatment for her husband who was suffering from cancer. Kalika, who was born in 2040 BS in Hansipur of Bangalachuli rural municipality, and did not get much education.

Kalika was saddened by the loss of her husband, but she was even more worried about running the household and the future of her two sons.

Kalika said that she had some relief to run her household expenses after her brother-in-law started working. It was very sad to remember those days when she had to listen to many things.

However, by chance Kalika came in contact with beneficiary groups formed by Rural Women Development Center (RWDC) to launch SLVC-II Project activities funded by Heifer International Nepal in Dang district. This was her turning point in life when she received various skill oriented and capacity building trainings related to goats rearing, vegetable farming, cooperative management, grass cultivation etc.

The Project SLVC-II also provided her with two goats as part of “passing on the gift” which started a new avenue for Kalika’s subsistence in life.

As a result she started improving her entrepreneurship. Currently, she has 10 goats. She has been cultivating vegetables and raising local chickens and pigs too. Also, there is no shortage of market for selling the products produced by her because the cooperative she is associated with is the center of market for all kinds of products she produces.

Kalika herself has been taking loans from cooperatives to run her agro-business from time to time. Even now, Kalika has been rearing her goats and growing vegetables with a loan of Rs 200,000 taken from the cooperative.

Kalika says she is earning more than Rs 30,0000 annually from the sale of goat, pigs, poultry and vegetables. This regular income has helped her to send her two sons to good school. One son is doing class 12 and one is reading in class 10.

Expressing happiness that the agricultural profession is now making her financially strong, Kalika said that every woman will be successful if she works diligently and confidently. She has also been able to earn social respect in society and everyone in the surroundings has started appreciating her entrepreneurship. In fact she has not only become a successful entrepreneur but also a successful social change maker.

She thanked the cooperative, RWDC and Heifer International Nepal for being able to change the lives of many sisters by means of the services provided to them through the SLVC-II project activities.

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