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Farma Chaudhary’s income increased after driving an auto rickshaw

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March 3, 2024: Dang Ghorahi-15:

Farma Chaudhary is a resident of Gadhwa Rural Municipality-1 Jharbaira in Dang district. Her husband owns a mobile shop in the Gadhwa market. However, income from the mobile shop was not enough to run their household. During her difficult times, Farma came in contact with the Rural Women Development Center (RWDC) and asked for a loan of NRs 20,000 to improve and extend their mobile shop. She got the loan from RWDC, but their financial status did not improve. She then thought of driving an auto rickshaw and requested for NRs. 3,000 as a loan from RWDC promoted Aatmanirbhar Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Ltd.

When Farma started driving the autorickshaw, some people around her appreciated her work, and some criticized her. The criticisms did not dishearten Farma and she continued working. Recalling the past, Farma says, “Those who scorned me now openly appreciate my efforts.” Then she further adds, “RWDC has been so helpful to me in my efforts to change my life and income. I am grateful to RWDC for teaching me how to speak in front of others.”

Farma used to earn at least NRS 2500 per day when she began driving the autorickshaw. Now, she earns around NRs 1500 per day. She says this amount is also satisfactory for her as there are more than 80 auto rickshaws that travel between Rajpur, Bela, Dadwa, Gangapraspur, and Gobardiha areas. With her income generated from driving the auto rickshaw, Farma has been able to educate her three children. Her eldest daughter is studying BA, another daughter is in grade 9, and one son is in grade 4. Farma is satisfied that her life has changed from a poor and landless one to a happy and fulfilling one (republished with corrections)

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