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Culture of celebrating staff birthdays

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December 1, 2022: Rural Women Development Center-RWDC or Gramim Mahila Utthan Kendra has maintained a culture of celebrating staff birthdays frequently to boost the morale of the staff working for RWDC for over one year.

RWDC has already assigned dedicated team members who usually find out the birthdays of each and every staff member so that when it is time for any birthday, everything including birthday cake is ordered and gifts are purchased in time to give a surprise to the respective staff on his/her birthday.

Staff birthdays are usually celebrated in the evening time during the off time (beyond 5 pm). All staff members of RWDC gather in the evening and wish “happy birthday” to the respective staff and celebrate the day by cutting the cake.

In the picture above, one can see the RWDC celebration of staff members namely Hema Poudel and HB Thapa. This is a fun and great joy for those whose birthdays fall on a particular day and also fun for those who engage in the celebration of birthdays.

This creates a hilarious situation for the staff and rejuvenates them to resume their work the next with new jest, zeal, and enthusiasm. It also creates a strong bond between the management team and the staff team. So, it has become a culture of RWDC.

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