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CSMAP Oversight conducted at ward 4 and 2

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On June 8, 2022, RWDC carried out an oversight through HEAD Coalition in ward offices of wards 2 and 4 in the Rampur and Laxmipur areas.

The CSMAP oversight was carried out to know the status of ward level initiatives regarding the shortage of agriculture manure, facilities for farmers, lack of scholarships for the poor family children in schools, and community schools taking costly admission fees despite government commitment for free education till high school.

The other burning local issues included lack of fencing around water dams which creates risk for people moving around, senior citizens allowance to be distributed at homes and need to reduce child marriage and gender-based violence inwards, lack of medicines for senior citizens, And also need to provide training to farmers on agriculture.

A total of 9 participants (including CSO members, Champions, and the CSMAP team) had participated in the oversight during which an attention letter containing major local issues raised by CA and Sub HEAD Committees recently was also given to ward chairs of wards 2 and 4 to allocate the budgets.

The oversight was done under the leadership of HEAD Coalition chair Thaman Chaudhary.. CSMAP -PC Hit BDR Thapa and Advocacy officer Shiba Chaudhary were also present during the oversight.

The ward chair of ward -4 Madhusudan Sharma and ward chair of ward no 2, Chitra Bahadur Chaudhary assured the oversight team that they would do all possible to fulfill the issues raised by the oversight team.

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