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CS: MAP Success story

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RWDC guided advocacy relieves sickles cell anemia patients

Mayor Narulal Chaudhary giving away support to sickle cell patients

Chhedu Ram Chaudhary is a resident of Ghorahi Sub-Metropolis, ward no -17, Chaughera. His wife Kamala Chaudhary (25), two daughters, Samjhana Chaudhary (10), Madhaba Chaudhary (8) and one son Govind Chaudhary (6) are all suffering from Sickle cell anemia. Only Chheduram Chaudhary does not have this disease. Chheduram is a laborer. He earns hardly Rs 600 in a day as his daily wage. But it does not suffice to spend for the cost of blood test and blood transfusion for his sickle cell anemia family members who are four in numbers. Chheduram remembers how difficult his initial days were for him when he had to attend all four sick members of his family and the family had to starve for foods. The neighbors also could not support him. Chheduram had to face his hard days until one day he came in contact with RWDC staff and came to know that Nepal government would support such patients if found suffering from positive case of sickle cell anemia. Soon, RWDC started launching advocacy campaigns in Ghorahi in favor of families suffering from sickles cell anemia under CS: MAP initiated project activities that they should get the medical facilities as per the government commitments assured in the past.

All concerned government officials were informed about the critical family status of Chheduram and a memorandum was submitted to provincial government of Lumbini through its representative Amar BahadurDangi. Then the provincial government allocated Rs 10 million for the purchase of machine required at Raptihealth of Science Academy for sick patients of sickle cells. CS: MAP also prevailed upon the Ghorahi Sub-Metroplis to set aside a budget of one million rupees for the prevention and identification of sickle cell patients. Chhedu Ram has now received both government financial support of Rs 100000 and free medical treatment of sickle cell anemia for his family members. His wife has almost recovered from the disease and now goes to work along with her husband Chheduram. Chhedram is now happy that his family members are safe and sound due to free medical facility provided. “Had I not come in contact with RWDC and not initiated this advocacy campaign for sickle cell anemia, I would not have seen the healthy condition and relief from sickle cell anemia in my family. Thanks to RWDC for timely guidance,” says Chheduram with a sigh of relief.

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