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Crop insurance orientation to farmers

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August 14, 2023: Dang: Orientations on Crop insurance were delivered to the farmers of Dangisharan 5, Salaura in Dang district under the RePLANT Project activities on August 14, 2023.

Insurance supervisor Arbind Chaudhary imparted the crop insurance orientations.

June 21, 2023: Dang Ghorahi: Crop insurance to potential farmers who are involved with “Reducing Post harvest Losses through access to New Technologies -RePLANT”project has begun in Tulsipur Sub Metropolis and Dangisharan Rural Municipalities.

Similarly, the crop insurance orientations were given in Ghorahi Bangau -13

Project supervisor Arbind Chaudhary of Rural Women Development Center-RWDC- in close coordination with staff members of Sidhartha Premier Insurance Dang district and its branch offices is is conducting the crop insurance orientations in a serious.

The glimpses can be seen from Rampur 1 from Dangisharan R. Municipality area.

Hermetic PICS Bags on display at Agrovets

Most of the Agrovets of RePLANT Project in Dang have displayed the advertisement banner of PICS bag.  The following is the glimpses of display being made.

Similarly, the following is the glimpses of HST PICS bag distribution in Tulsipure area by supervisor Arbind Chaudhary

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