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Cooperative decides for wheat crop insurance and PICS bag adoption

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November 23, 2023

A meeting held between the RePLANT project crop insurance supervisor Arbind Chaudhary, insurance officials, and members of Small Farmer Agriculture Cooperative situated in Urhari Dang has decided to engage in wheat crop insurance for its 1135 farmer shareholder members of the cooperative.

Chairman of the 15-member cooperative Lokraj Acharya made this decision on November 21.  The meeting also decided to adopt the hermetic bag (PICS bag) for post-harvest storage of cereal crops. A total of 15 PICS bags were immediately adopted by the 15 cooperative members in the meeting.

According to our supervisor Arbind Chaudhary, the cooperative chairman Lokraj Acharya himself is coordinating the PICS bag adoption and Crop Insurance of wheat among his cooperative members.

Similarly, our RePLANT loan supervisor Kamala Sharma has initiated a Business literacy orientation at the Lamahi Emaliya area among the farmers. The orientation also focussed on the opening of farmer’s savings accounts in the presence of officials from Muktinath Bikash Bank Ltd.

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