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Business Literacy Training

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August 16, 2023: Dang Ghorahi: The rapid campaign for deliverance of business literacy training targeted at  farmers has already set in by loan supervisor Kamala Sharma at various places in five palikas of Dang district.

She has conducted business literacy orientations to various groups of farmers who are beneficiaries of RePLANT Project in Rapti Rural Municipality and Lamahi Municipality in the recent days.

The following are the glimpses of orientations at various places across Lamahi and Rapti Rural Municipality.

Orientation at Maurighat

Literacy orientation at Lamahi

Literacy orientations at Rapti Chotki area along with HST demo by CBF

Literacy Orientation at Rapti Bhanpur

The activity is part and parcel of Replant project funded by USAID, technically supported by iDE and implemented by RWDC in Dang district with effect from January 1, 2023.

Literacy training have been completed at Nainawar in Ghorahi, Lamahi -6 Deupur and Bankatta. This is an activity which has to be completed in alliance support of Muktinath Bank limited  and RWDC as alliance partners of Replant project.

Under this activity at least 1000 farmers’ bank account with Rs 100 should be opened at the Muktinath Bank and by the end of the project period they should have access to financial non collateral loans up to Rs 500000/-

The project is also focusing on the crop insurance of the farmers for which at least 70 insurance related orientations will be carried out across the project period.

Similarly, business literacy training was delivered at Rapti Rural Municipality-Pipari area on June 8, 2023 where the officials of Muktinath Bank also participated and delivered the business literacy training to the participants. Over 25 participants were present on the occasion.

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Likewise, business literacy training was given to participants at Rapti Rural Municipality-ward no 2, Pipra and at Lamahi ward no 4, Buttkahawa on June 9,2023, where more than 50 participants participated.

Similarly, business literacy training has been given at Gadhawa Rural Municipality ward no 7, Laximpur area where the participants were oriented about what is saving, when to save? What small loan amount? and all about ways to manage the money in family. The officials of Muktinath Bank were also present on the occasion.


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