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Ex-Kamlahari Lok Maya Tamang (Chaudhary) as an exemplary multipurpose entrepreneur

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Ex-Kamalahari-Lok Maya Tamang (Chaudhary) a resident of Dang Deukhuri, Lalmatiya Ex-Kamiya settlement area has become popular these days for being an exemplary entrepreneur of grocery shop, fresh house, poultry farm of 4000 chickens, pig farm, vegetable farm and agricultural farm for maize and potato after Rural Women Development Center (RWDC) or GraminMahilaUthan Kendra supported Lok Maya with the financial loan without collateral to start up all her entrepreneurship.

Lok Maya is one of the 72 households of ex-Kamaiyas allotted with five kathas of land from the government side to settle down at Lalmatiya. However, Lok Maya could not get her government certificate to own her allotted land.

She had to face a hard situation for survival as her husband Ram Kumar Tamang was also ex-kamaiya.

Under such critical circumstances Lok Maya came in contact with the staff of RWDC in 2011 and obtained a loan of Rs 5000 to start up pig farming by taking two pigs.

She started benefiting from the pig farm. So, in 2012, she took Rs 20,000 as loan from RWDC’sAtmanirbharLaghubittaBittiya Limited program to invest in poultry farm. The luck favored her. She now has 4000 chicken in her poultry farm. Her earning from this poultry is around Rs 150,000 periodically. Now she has extended her entrepreneurship to grocery shop, refresh house, pig farm and agricultural farm where she produces maize and potatoes also.

Now, she has been able to educate her one son studying in class IX and one daughter studying in class VIII and bear all home expenses. With her hard work and honesty Lok Maya has been living a decent life which is better than other ex-Kamaiya households who are in possession of government certificate for the land. Lok May now has 11 Kathas of land, motorcyle and a concrete house to live in. ” My success is linked with RWDC as without its support I would not have got this much success in my life. Now my life has changed because of RWDC,” said Lok Maya.

Now, she even supports her community members financially. All her community members have recognized her caliber and honesty and social identity.

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