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About Us

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30 Years of Service

Three decades ago, in 1993, a group of women social workers led by Aasmani Chaudhary came together to establish the Rural Women Development Centre (RWDC) – Gramin Mahila Utthan Kendra. The centre started in a Tharu village in the Ghorahi Municipality of Dang district which is located in the inner Terai of Lumbini province of Nepal.

Core Focus

The organization focuses on the backward and marginalized women and girls of Dang and surrounding areas. It promotes educational rights, empowerment, maternal health rights, and income generation for this group while combating gender discrimination to create an equal and just society.

Humble Beginnings

RWDC began operations in an unfurnished room of a mud house in the Tharu village of Ghorahi. While the resources were minimal, and the team only had a few floor mats to sit on, there was no shortage of determination, dedication, and devotion to start and keep the organization running.


Create a self-reliant and empowered society.


To facilitate accessibility and opportunities of education, health, economic development, and social security for marginalized and disadvantaged communities, especially women and children, by promoting governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC).


Improve the living standard of the destitute and disadvantaged class of women and children by designing various programs on education, health, and income generation.

Create awareness and behavioral change among disadvantaged and backward communities about their rights by enhancing their capacities through training.

Raise awareness about and mitigate risk in response to adverse effects of climate change through skill-building training.

Enhance institutional governance for effective public service delivery by the public institution.

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