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3 Zero Clubs members Baburam and Ramala Self Employed

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Baburam Chaudhary, a resident of Sunpur, Ghorahi sub-metropolitan city 4, is now 23 years old. Son of Himlal Chaudhary and mother Dhankumari Chaudhary, Baburam is studying BBS third year at Dang Valley Campus.

Baburam, the key person of 3 Zero Club, formed by Rural Women Development Centre-RWDC with the aim of zero poverty, zero unemployment, and zero carbon emission, has been doing beekeeping business. Baburam’s father, Himlal Chaudhary, started the beekeeping business 4 years ago. Baburam wakes up at 5 in the morning and goes to college. After returning home at 11 o’clock, he spends the day taking care of bees.

Baburam’s father started the beekeeping business, but after joining the 3 Zero Club, he also planned to start a business. He has been producing honey from 120 beehives near his house. He informed that he harvests honey 9 to 10 times a year and earns up to 6 lakhs annually.

Baburam said, “Earlier, my father used to pay my pocket expenses based on the commission of delivering honey to the house, but now I am giving the income to my father from the sale of honey. 217 kg of honey was produced in the first harvest of this year. He said that 165 kg of honey has been sold at the rate of Rs 500 per kg and the remaining honey is also being sold according to the order.

“If you can develop your business along with your studies, you will not have to go elsewhere for employment and you will be able to get rid of unemployment as you will be earning along with your studies. Don’t be ashamed to work, if you have the will and a little hard work, you can get a job in your own home,” said he.

He shared his experience that his parents are also happy after taking up the beekeeping business, and he is freed from various stresses that come in his mind when he is busy with work. Stating that this business has helped the family a lot, he informed that in the future, he plans to continue the business by keeping beekeeping on more  extensive land.

Ramala Chaudhary becoming self-employed

Ramala Chaudhary, a resident of Ghorahi sub-metropolitan city 4 Sunpur, is now 28 years old. Biraji Chaudhary’s daughter Ramala May is honest and diligent. His family consists of his mother, father, brother-in-law and 2 brothers. Currently, Ramala is studying in the second year of BeD at Mahendra Multi-Campus Bharatpur.

Ramala Chaudhary is a member of 3 Zero Club formed by RWDC. Besides leading the club, which was formed with the aim of zero poverty, zero unemployment and zero carbon emissions, has been motivating the youths who are affiliated to the club to develop skills along with education and business.

After studying up to class 10, Ramala, who was living at home due to lack of finances, participated in various programs organized by Rural Women Development Centre-RWDC and continued her studies after understanding the importance of education.

After joining the 3 Zero club, she learned that children should also play a role in supporting the household’s financial problems by doing business along with studies. The flower planted in the month of June 2080 has now blossomed. Aiming for the Tihar festival, 23 kg of flowers were planted on the land of about 1 katha near the house.

She sold Rs.5750 kg of produced flowers at the rate of Rs.250 per kg. She said that although the flower cultivation done this year was small, the yield was good. From next year, she will continue this business by cultivating flowers on more land. Other members of the club said that it can be easily done as good products can be obtained with little effort and low investment.

Ramala, who is busy with studies and social work, shared her experience of releasing stress by cultivating flowers. She said that the flowers blooming near the house will increase the beauty of the village, reduce air pollution, create entrepreneurs and also bring joy when you are stressed. Saying that it would be fun to spend the day with flowers in the morning and evening, he advised other members of the club to do some business.

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